Yemen Expedition

Nov 23-28
6 Days

Considered a destination from a fairy tale by all travelers, Yemen is the Mecca for intrepid adventurers, the one destination that has always awed each and every visitor for its rawness and untouched culture, combined with a jaw-dropping architecture and mesmerizing valleys.

Years of an unfortunate war, however, have isolated Yemen even more, making it a nearly impossible destination to reach. Until now.

Against the Compass is finally offering group expeditions to the Yemeni mainland, more specifically, to the eastern region of Hadramut, home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Shibam, among many other wonders.

Yemen is the most legendary Arab country.

Join our upcoming expedition to discover it!


November 23rd to 28th, 2023


6 days

Lead by Joan Torres

travelers who joined us say


Note that we always keep the itinerary flexible, and it may be subject to change, depending on the political situation.

Day 1 – Seiyun

Day 2 – Wadi Doa’n

Day 3 – Mukalla

Day 4 – Shibam

Day 5 – Seiyun and Tarim

Day 6 – Departure

Day 1 – Arrival in Seiyun

The flight from Cairo to Saiyun in Yemen will depart at 9:45h, so hopefully, we will be in Yemen by 3pm.

From the airport, we will go straight to a viewpoint to enjoy the sunset over Seiyun.

Then, we will have a welcome dinner, followed by checking in to the hotel.

Overnight in Seiyun.

Day 2 – Mukalla

After breakfast, we will drive to Seiyun Old Town to buy local Yemeni clothes for everyone.

Then, we will drive towards the coast to Mukalla, the main city in Yemen, home to one of the most important ports in the country.

The city was actually taken by Al Qaeda back in 2015 and liberated from them in 2016.

Upon arrival, we will eat a traditional meal from the area, consisting of seafood, followed by a stroll around the port, as well as checking out the city’s fortress.

This day of the tour will be on a Friday, so the city center will come to life in the evening, when we will have loads of opportunities to interact with the local community.

Overnight in Mukalla.

Road tu Mukalla
The road to Mukalla

Day 3 – Wadi Doa’n

After breakfast, we will visit Mukalla fish market then head for Wadi Doa’n, a jaw-dropping valley dotted with old traditional villages.

Wadi Doa'n
Amazing views of Wadi Doa’n

After checking in to the hotel, we will have lunch and then, around 3pm, we will trek to Hawfah village in Wadi Doa’n, followed by a drive to Buqshan village, home to the most colorful palace in all Yemen.

Dinner and overnight in Wadi Doa’n.

Buqshan Palace, Yemen
Buqshan Palace in Yemen
Trekking Wadi Doa'n
Trekking around Wadi Doa’n

Day 4 – Wadi Doa’n and Shibam

Early morning, we will drive to the end of Wadi Doa’n to see the Sunday market of Ribad town, not without stopping first in the village of Qarht Bahumaish, Usama Bin Laden’s hometown.

Bin Laden was born in Saudi but all his family comes from this tiny village in Hadramut.

villages in Wadi Doan'n

We will grab a picnic lunch and enjoy it in a place with a view and then, we will stop in Al-Khuraiba and Musainah, two of the most beautiful villages in the valley.

Then, we will go back to Seiyun, stopping in Shibam for sunset; Shibam is the real highlight of this trip, a set of 9-story buildings located in the middle of nowhere.

Overnight in Seiyun.

Day 5 – Shibam, Seiyun and Tarim

After breakfast, we will go back to Shibam for a proper visit to the town, climbing one of the buildings, and visiting the handicraft center.

Then, we will visit the Old City of Seiyun, a lively area where we will check out the local bazaar, which includes the honey market.

As you might know, according to the UN, Yemen produces some of the best honey in the world, which they make from Sidr flowers.

The center of Seiyun

We will take our time there, taking all the necessary photos and then, we will visit the village of Tarim, the center of Islamic Sufism in Yemen.

In Tarim, we will be likely to meet young students from Indonesia who came all the way to Tarim to study Sufism.

Islam came to Indonesia through Yemeni merchants hundreds of years ago and, since then, both countries have kept up a very close relationship, which is why Indonesians following that specific branch of Islam like to study in its heartland.

Honey market Yemen
A honey seller in Seiyun

We will visit some important Sufi-related shrines and then, after lunch, a good idea would be to head to a khat market, buy some khat, and chew it with the locals.

Khat is a local drug similar to coca leaves and basically, life in Yemen stops every day after lunch for chewing khat, something one must experience.

Evening and sunset will be spent at a viewpoint overlooking Tarim.

Tarim, Yemen
A Sufi shrine in Tarim, Yemen

Overnight in Seiyun.

Day 6 – Departure

The flight back to Cairo departs at 4am.


Airport transfers

5 nights of accommodation (twin shared) in hotels mentioned in FAQ

Security clearance and all permits

Private transportation and driver around Yemen

All meals

Visa processing and respective fees

English-speaking Yemeni guide

Armed escorts

Entrance fees.

Not Included

International flights to Seiyun

Local clothes

Single supplement. Having your own private room costs $380.


November 23rd to 28th, 2023


6 days

Lead by Joan Torres


Which hotels do we stay at?

These are the hotels where we always stay but note that once in a while, they might be subject to availability.

How does the room distribution work?

Price of the tour includes accommodation in a twin room.

If you are a solo traveler, you will be sharing the room with another like-minded traveler from the group. We always try to group people of same gender and age together but note that this won’t always be the case.

If you want to have your own single room, you will have to pay an additional $380.

How to get a visa?

We will take care of that, don’t worry.

You don’t need to visit the embassy, everything will be arranged via email and all you’ll need to do is send us a passport copy, a passport photo and a filled-out form.

How long does the visa approval take?

Several months, this is a trip that must be arranged and organized well ahead of time.

Where does the tour start?

The tour will officially start at Cairo International Airport, the airport where we will catch our flight to the city of Seiyun in Yemen.

We will all meet there 3.5 hours before our departure time.

How do I get into Yemen?

Twice a week, there is a flight operated by Yemenia Airways that goes from Cairo to Seiyun.

The flight must be booked via a tour agent based in Cairo, and a round-trip ticket costs 870 US dollars.

More information will be shared upon booking your spot on the tour.

Which nationalities can join this tour?

All nationalities, and that includes US citizens too.

Is it safe?

This tour focuses on the region of Hadramut, which is the most stable and safest area in all Yemen and actually, the only area you can visit.

Moreover, we will travel with armed escorts, as well as an expert local fixer who knows his way around.

How many people will attend this tour?

We will limit it to a maximum of 11 people.

How does payment work?

In order to secure your spot on the tour, we require a deposit.

All details will be shared upon booking your spot.

Do you recommend specific travel insurance?

Either you are joining one of our trips, or you are traveling by yourself, you might want to look for proper travel insurance. Against the Compass has been a partner with IATI for several years already, recommending it to all readers, as well as covering all Joan Torres’ personal trips.

We like it because It covers all the countries where the FCDO advises against all travel, it offers budget plans and covers all sorts of adventure activities.

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What about the cancellation policy?

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.