Black Friday

Black Friday discounts in all our EXPEDITIONS

This year, we decided to join Black Friday 2022 with some pretty heavy discounts on all our upcoming Against the Compass Tours.

This is what you need to know about it. We are offering 2 types of discounts:

250€ discount: for all the 8-day and 9-day expeditions

Book 2 expeditions and you’ll get a 300€ discount on each.

200€ discount: for all budget, 5-day Syria tours (Christmas, Ramadan, etc)

How can you get your discount?

In order to get your discount, you must fully book your spot on the tour no later than:

December 2nd 2022, 8pm GMT+1

Does it really apply to ALL tours?

Almost. The discount applies to all tours except for:

Syria Spring Tour
Pakistan Tour April

Black Friday starts November 23rd, until December 2nd 2022